30 Day Transformation Challenge

30 Day Transformation Challenge

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Worldwide Entry

Two winners. Best male and female results each wins $1000 (1/14-2/14)

You receive a CUSTOMIZED diet and workout plan. Cardio and ab regimen included.

Supplement recommendation sheet included.

No gym membership required.

Vegan/vegetarian plans available.

See below for additional details



Personalized meals (multiple days of 4-6 meals a day for 4 weeks). Each meal plan is catered towards you and the foods you like/dislike. Plans are easy to follow and tell you exactly WHAT and HOW MUCH to eat. All macronutrients and calories are calculated for the perfect formula to achieve your goals. Whether your goals are weight loss, lean muscle gains, shredding, or toning/defining, the meal plans will get you there QUICKLY! The CHALLENGE plan is very aggressive to get you the best results possible in 30 days!

Workout routines (4-6 routines each week with 1-2 days of rest). Each routine is created specifically for your goals and is made to help you reach your goals the fastest. Exercises, sets, reps, rest time, cardio, abs and supplement recommendations are all included in each routine. This split will be followed for the entire 30 day plan! You do NOT need a gym membership.

I will be asking you to take "before photos" a couple days before the plan begins and "after photos" once the plan has ended. I will then ask you to send both photos in one e-mail at the END of the challenge  These photos will need to be in similar apparel and similar poses/lighting, so be sure to take a many photos from many different angles then send me the best few! 

Winner will be determined a couple days after the plan. Winner will receive $1000 OR a paid trip for you and a friend to come hangout and workout with me in California. (I will pay up to $1000 for your flights and hotel)

Second place will receive a FREE 16 Week Transformation Program (typically $400). I will be your coach for 16 weeks.

Third place will receive a FREE 1st Phorm supplement stack.

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